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Dec 23, 2012 8:30am PST
norton anthology of african american literature along with ten of my colleagues... >> hinojosa: this big book-- big, heavy book, yes. >> ( laughing ) it's the big bible. this... the mother ship of black literature. in order to enshrine african american literature in the academy. look, if you are from the whitest place in say, idaho and there are no black people around and you can't get black books in the bookstore, if you can get one anthology, there's no excuse not to teach african american literature. so you buy one book, you get a whole semester course. and i wanted to do this, as i'm sure ilan did, to make it possible for people to teach and to study african american literature and latino literature. and there's some overlap between african american and latino. >> hinojosa: and so is it the same thing for you, ilan? the sense that you just wanted anyone-- any part of the country or the world-- to be able to say,i want to understand latino literature, therefore i have the anthology?" >> well, i wanted, first and foremost, to say, "we have arrived," and the norton anthology is a cu
Dec 22, 2012 11:30am PST
proposals for dollars tightening gun laws. so, conesswoman norton are guns in schools the answer? >> oh, bonnie. our country is in for another failing grade on guns if our best answer is guns in the schools. our best answer is to new town. >> i own guns. i'm generally skeptical of gun control but i'm not sure i'm ready to turn all american schools in to armed camps. >> absolutely not. in china the same day as newtown shooting there was man with a knife that entered a school. nobody was killed. this seems to imply the opsite. that gun outf school is actual answer. >> i think guns in the hands of the right people or right person could be part of the answer to what we saw here. i don't think there's one size answer fits all or just one answer that will address this. something we have to consider. >> it does -- the newtown massacre really change things are we going to see action in congress, on gun control? >> i think it did change things. whether we will be able to attract enough republicans, republicans even ready to take your economy down so i wouldn't be surprised if they did the same h
Nov 30, 2012 5:30pm PST
washington, d.c., with historian richard norton smith. >> sreenivasan: walking into the theater center is like tang a step back in time to the cobblestone streets of washington on april 16, 1855, the day after president abraham lincoln's death. newspaper headlines cover the walls of the new exhibit which a building across the street from ford's theater where the president was assassinated. >> you walk to the third floor and you come to this mothy attic. the chronological treatment. >> reporter: presidential historian richard norton smith, who helped design the center, says its mission is to examine how lincoln has influenced americans great and small since his death. in part, that influence is symbolized by the 34-foot-high book tower that connects the center's three floors. it's made of aluminum and represents some of the roughly 15,000 works written about lincoln. >> the story didn't end on april 15. in some ways, the story begins. the story of what we want lincoln to be. which lincoln are we talking about? the evolution of the posthumous lincoln. it's like a mirror held
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3